Price List » Dentario Praha 4

During the complex examination, we compile a treatment plan with a price estimate. Each case is individual and so the price may vary accordingly.



  Patients of VZP, OZP, ČPZP, RBP, VoZP Other insurance company patients
Complex first examination Paid by insurance 1 800,- Kč
Check-up (second) examination Paid by insurance 800,- Kč
Expert consultation (regardless of treatment) 1 000,- Kč
Dental hygiene 1 700,- Kč
Hygiene recall + air flow 900,- Kč
Panoramatic X-Ray images Paid by insurance  1 000,- Kč
Intraoral X-Ray images Paid by insurance 350,- Kč
Local anesthesia Paid by insurance 350,- Kč



Photocomposite filling from 2 500,- Kč
Permanent root canal therapy (determined by the number of root canals) from 3 200,- Kč



Composite onlay from 10 000,- Kč
Ceramic onlay from 11 000,- Kč
All-ceramic crown from 11 000,- Kč
Dental implant from 15 000,- Kč
Crown on implant from 17 000,- Kč


Like in other developed EU countries, health insurance companies in the Czech Republic cover only interventions which do not solve the problem but only postpone it (so called palliative treatment).


This is by no means our goal; on the contrary, we try to provide the best quality care possible, which we can rely on in the long term. Our clinic is therefore designed in a way that combines pleasant premises with the best comfort incl. state-of-the-art equipment and materials. We reserve enough time for each patient, as much as their treatment requires in order to not only be of functional quality in the long term, but also aesthetically pleasing.